A Special Call

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What is a Religious Vocation?

A Religious Vocation is a special call to serve God and the Church in a particular way. In Carmel, it is a radical response to God's call to a hidden life of intimate friendship with Him and unceasing prayer for the Church and the world as envisioned by St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross, reformers of the order.

The Carmelite Monastery is a sign of God's love for His People and evidence of the truth expressed in Proverbs 8:31 that "His delight is to be with the children of men." As Carmelites, we stand before the Face of God to adore Him and implore His guidance and protection for the Church and its leaders.

We pray for the world, always asking Him to grant salvation to all out of His infinite mercy, and we especially ask for mercy and deliverance for the most helpless, those victimized by the abuse and negligence of others.

Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus

St. Teresa exhorted her nuns to "live in such a way that you obtain what you ask for" (cf. Way of Perfection). Therefore we strive to imitate Jesus Christ. In a particular way, Carmelites are called to imitate His life of prayer and dependence on the Father. Also, we find in Mary, the Mother of God, and unsurpassed example of discipleship of her Son. She is our mother, sister, and teacher of a life of devotion to Jesus Christ. Mary is our contemplative ideal which "humbly and wisely welcomed the Lord's Word and pondered it in her heart" (cf. Lk 1:38, 45; 2:19, 51).

Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus

A Day in the Carmelite Life

A day in the life of a Carmelite nun is balanced at one and the same time by solitude and community, silence and recreation, work and prayer. Candidates to the Carmelite life should find that they are naturally drawn and suited to its rhythm. The one who is genuinely called by God will have the potential for this way of life, which will manifest itself mostly in a wholehearted desire to live entirely for God.

There will also be present a strong inclination to prayer, a teachable temperament, and a willingness to accept differences in others. Community life can, and often is, made up of a wonderful variety of personalities. The grace of a call to the religious life in Carmel is something that can never be fully comprehended; many Carmelites consider it as coming to us directly from the mercy of God. He chooses those who are weak to become His spouses, those who will depend entirely on Him to provide for them, to guide them, and to teach them the way of love.

Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus

Do You Have a Vocation?

God may call any woman from any walk of life to a religious vocation. If you are discerning or wondering about a call, please contact us; we would love to speak with you. Some of our basic requirements are:

  • Good health in mind, body, and spirit
  • The desire to seek God through a life of prayer and service
  • A generous and self-giving spirit
  • The desire and ability to live enclosed and with a small group of women in a spirit of joy and peace
  • Emotional maturity
  • The age-range for joining our community is 20 – 45. The age limit can be extended somewhat for the extern vocation.
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