Spring Bulletin

Our Spring Bulletin 2019 should have arrived in your post mail by now, if you are on our mailing list. You can also see it here: Spring Bulletin 2019. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive our quarterly Bulletin in the mail, please send us your mailing address at lrcarmel@comcast.net.

News from Carmel!

We will also be posting very soon our Novena prayers to St. Joseph, so check back in about a week. The Novena begins March 11th and ends on his feastday March 19th. We have a very powerful intercessor in dear St. Joseph!

We are coming upon March which in the South can easily be the beginning of spring weather. Those of you up north may still have a couple more months of winter to go. Just the thought of Spring planting and warmer temperatures, along with birds singing happily, brings a little thrill to the spirit. Yet, we Christians have something greater to lighten our heavy hearts. We need only recall the Truth of the Resurrection guaranteed to the followers of Jesus Christ, and it doesn’t matter what the weather is! The true Sun/Son is still there even behind the clouds. Lent is coming only to prepare us for the glorious reality of eternal life with Christ!

A cold, cloudy February morning. The sun will not shine beyond these clouds today.

Until next time, prayers.


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