Prayer of Scapular Devotees

In his homily last night at the Novena Mass in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Fr. Terence Cyr, O.Carm. shared with us a beautiful prayer that is very special to him.

Here it is:

O most blessed and Immaculate Virgin, Ornament and Splendour of Carmel, thou who regards with an eye of special kindness those who wear thy blessed habit, look down also benignly upon us and cover us with the mantle of thy special protection. Strengthen our weakness with thy power, enlighten the darkness of our minds with your wisdom; increase in us faith, hope, and charity. Adorn our souls with such graces and virtues as will ever be pleasing to thy divine Son and to thee. Assist us in life, and console us in death, with thy most amiable presence, and present us to the most august Trinity as thy devoted servants and children; that we may eternally bless and praise thee in paradise. Amen.

Father expounded on different phrases and opened our understanding of why he has chosen to pray it every day for the last 50-plus years of his life as a Carmelite, beginning on the very first day he entered the Carmelite seminary at the young age of 16. Let us, also, pray it from our hearts and allow the Blessed Mother to intercede to her Son for us in all our needs.

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