Christmas Novena

Last night the sisters started the prayers for our annual Christmas Novena, and today we began the nine days of Masses offered for all the petitions we have and continue to receive. We also include our friends, family members and benefactors. Besides the Holy Masses we offer prayers during our communal Liturgy of the Hours and personal prayer.

It is our gift and our pleasure to bring all of you and your intentions before the most merciful and loving King of the World. Imagine that ... we have such access to Him? And yet He even cares more than we care about our needs and problems?

If you would like to join in as we also pray for peace and for the whole world, the prayers are below.

He is almost here! Let's keep our lamps supplied with extra oil as we await the Bridegroom of our souls to come and save us!

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  1. J. M. + J. T.

    What beautiful prayers!! I’m enjoying the novena a lot already. I can see it helping me more and more in my anticipation for Christmas!!! Thank you Sisters for your helpfulness in my Advent experience.

    God bless you all!!!

  2. J.M.+J.T.

    In keeping with the above comment “Let’s keep our lamps supplied with extra oil as we await the Bridegroom of our souls to come and save us!”, there is a beautiful hymn for Vespers in the Spanish version of the Liturgy of the Hours that is so appropriate: I am sending it in its original Spanish. Our Carmelite Sisters here at the Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity in Hialeah sing it at mass. It always bring tears to my eyes. I am sure Sister Maria Cruz could translate it for you:

    Este es el tiempo en que llegas,
    Esposo tan de repente,
    que invitas a los que velan
    y olvidas a los que duermen.

    Salen cantando a tu encuentro
    doncellas con ramos verdes
    y lámparas que guardaron
    copioso y claro el aceite.

    Cómo golpean las necias
    las puertas de tu banquete!
    Y cómo lloras a oscuras
    los ojos que no han de verte!

    Mira que estamos alerta,
    Esposo, por si vinieres,
    y está el corazón velando
    mientras los ojos se duermen.

    Danos un puesto a tu mesa,
    Amor que a la noche vienes,
    antes que la noche acabe
    y que las puertas se cierren. Amén

    Wishing you a joyous, blessed, peaceful Christmas, and a glorious new year, I remain,

    In Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace,


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