Holy Week 2024

Dear Friends,
The culmination of 40 days of Lenten preparation is upon us. We enter in to the holiest week of the year in our Christian Faith. Holy Week begins Palm Sunday and ends Easter Sunday. How ready am I? Maybe my Lenten fast and resolutions have fallen short of my expectations and plans. Isn’t that usually the case? Even if we haven’t been too faithful, God is always faithful (2 Tim. 2:13).

Now He is asking each of his followers to remain close to His side. Keep watch with Him (Mt. 26:40). Let us think about Jesus’ last week before He died and rose.

Palm Sunday

We can go with Him as He enters Jerusalem, knowing the people who are praising Him will also condemn Him to death. We can be with Him at Bethany when He visits his close friends for the last time and is anointed by the woman with the expensive aromatic nard (Jn. 12:1-8).

Holy Thursday

We can sit at table with Him to receive his Body and Blood and listen to His words of love and tenderness, even while He watches Judas take leave for his betrayal. We can stay awake in the garden and pray even when we are tired and weary,

Good Friday

and we can walk the road of suffering with his beloved Mother and St. John. Let us stay at the foot of the cross to experience his pain and rejection, uniting our humiliations with his and saying “yes” with Our Lady of Sorrows to give Him comfort.

Holy Saturday

We can stay by the tomb and wait. And, finally, we will be there in the early morning to see the tomb empty, while looking around the corner for where He may be, and turning back around suddenly see Him there! There before our eyes! Radiant and glorious! We will be so thrilled to go and tell the whole world He is alive! He isn’t dead, and He still loves us!

The Sisters will be united with you in prayer and in vigil for the glorious moments to come.


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