Holy Thursday 2020

Dear Friends,

“Now is the time for the Son of Man to be glorified (Jn. 12:23),” says our Lord a few days before His Passion. What a mysterious statement. So much is going on in the life of Christ even before the Crucifixion, the “Day of our Salvation.” Jesus will speak at length to his closest friends tonight at the Passover meal, on this Holy Thursday. He says He has awaited this moment and “longed” for it. Why? He is about to go to His death! Another mysterious statement of Jesus.

Some may be familiar with the “High Priestly Prayer” of Jesus. This is the prayer in John’s gospel chapter 17 that Jesus offers to the Father for his disciples before He dies for them (that means all his disciples, including us). Msgr. Charles Pope expounds on this prayer of Jesus for you and me in the talk we’ve posted below. To see the video click on image below and follow the directions to sign up with your email and private password. The Institute of Catholic Culture offers much spiritual food on their website. Please try them out! And may God bless you this Holy Triduum!

See the replay of this Event!

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