Fruits of our Labor

This photo was taken early in the summer. Now that we’re at the end of August we only have the peppers and zucchini, along with plenty of butternut squash.

See those tomatoes? That’s as far as we got this year before the little critters had eaten them all. As you can see below, the squirrels have even invaded our kitchen! Is it possible to beat the squirrel at his game? We have to chase them off the bird feeders all the time.

One of our sisters (who will remain nameless) thought we might have a close competition with the Benedictine Monks at Subiaco with their hot “Monk Sauce”. I asked her how long a jar of that green stuff lasts. She said they (the sisters who actually enjoy the sensation of burning and FIRE) go through a jar in less than a week!

No, we don’t sell it like the monks. But if you stop by I’ll try to smuggle some out the door to you!

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  1. J. M.+J.T.

    It’s a shame you don’t sell that hot sauce! A “wee teaspoon” would make my guacamole even better.

    Kindest regards and prayers to Sister Jean, Sister Ann (whose recipe for cinnamon rolls I still have after 42 years when she gave it to me at the time I was a novice at Marylake), Sister Bernadette (she of the beautiful blue eyes), Sister Mary Alice and Sister Camilla Mary. Please pray for us here in Miami, Florida, as hurricane Irma approaches.

    Raul A. Aued, OCDS
    (Formerly Brother Ralph of St. Teresa, O.C.D.)

    1. Post

      Hello there, Mr. Aued (Raul?),
      Thank you for the kind greetings I will definitely pass on to the sisters. Nice to meet you! Yes, we are praying for you!! I hope you are evacuating. Lord, have mercy on all in Irma’s path…
      Blessings to you, in our Carmelite charism.

      1. J.M.+J.T

        Dear Sister Blogger,

        Peace! Thank you so much for your prayers for us here in Florida. We survived Irma. There was no need for us (my Mom who is 90 and I) to evacuate since we are in a non-flood zone. Moreover, Irma wasn’t a “wet” hurricane. There was no harm done to the house despite the 100 MPH winds. My front yard, however, looks like Berlin after WWII. Fallen branches, and quite a few things that did not belong in my yard. These must have been blown over by Irma and landed somewhere on my front lawn. Thankfully enough, they have been cleared away by a tree cutting company. Regretfully, I had to cut down my avocado tree. Its trunk, instead of growing straight up grew sideways .resting most of its branches on top on the roof where my bedroom is. Before the hurricane, I got up on a ladder and clipped the avocados that were hanging on the lower branches, but Irma took care of the ones hanging on the higher branches where I could not reach. I had an avocado harvest on the ground the following day (nearly 50 of them, so I guess I will be making guacamole for a long time!!. ) We were lucky that Irma gave us a “slap on the hand” (“as it were”, like Fr. Sam Anthony, my former novice master was wont to say) instead of its full force. It took a turn to the west coast of Florida. The Florida Keys, however, were devastated. My cousin’s house in the Keys was totally destroyed. I suppose Irma was thinking of the psalm “raze it, raze it, down to its foundations” !! Funny how even hurricanes can be biblical!! 🙂 By the way, I was looking at some of the photos on your web page. I immediately recognized the older sisters, and when I saw the picture of the speak room, I said to myself “hmm, I kind of liked the beads they used to have.” Sister Jean was prioress at the time. Once again, God reward you for your prayers for us.

        Please be assured of my prayers for you. I will be praying for all of you, especially as you go into your community retreat on the 23rd. Wishing you and the Sisters a wonderful retreat.


        1. Post

          Thank you, Raul, for the update on the hurricane effects at your place. Praise God you were spared. Glad you like guacamole!! But the beads?? the beads?? So glad those days are gone–and I wasn’t in them! Thank you so much for your prayers! God bless you.

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