Retreat Ending with St. Therese

Hello dear Friends!  We are back after our annual retreat and recuperating from the festivities that go along with celebrating a big feast day — the Solemnity of St. Therese of Lisieux. Since our Carmelite province has St. Therese as our Patroness we have the Church’s special permission to celebrate her day as a solemnity, rather than a “feast” as most other Carmelites do, or as a memorial as the rest of the Church does. So, we are blessed!  We prayed and continue to pray for those who joined with us in our novena. And we thank our retreat master Fr. Peter Hammett, OSB for blessing us for a week of wisdom and inspiration.

Below are a few remembrances of the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

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  1. The Mass was so beautiful; I’m so greatful I attended!!! Thank you Sisters for everything you put into making that day so joyous for me. I hope the restreat is filled with many fruits.

    May God bless you all, Mary keep you in the shelter of her mantle and the Heart of Joseph grant you many graces!

  2. J.M.+J.T.

    The community photo is beautiful. So many Sisters I met 42 years ago, and recognized. Yet, I was filled with a kind of nostalgia, not seeing the ones who have gone “home”: Mother Teresa, Mother Mary Magdalene, Sister Mary Catherine (she, who being so tiny used to get inside the turn in the extern part of the monastery and turn herself around in order to get into the enclosure), Sister Therese, Sister Marie Joseph. And, regarding my previous comments on the beads in the parlor… ok, ok, I stand corrected! But then, remember, I was used to the Dallas nuns whose grilles, both in chapel and the parlor, resembled those at St. Joseph’s in Avila. All they needed were the spikes!! 🙂

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