Happy Feastday of St. Teresa of Jesus!

Today, October 15th, we celebrate with the whole Church and especially our Carmelite brothers and sisters, our Holy Mother and foundress St. Teresa of Jesus. Here in Little Rock, Arkansas our Carmel is named after this great saint. We only pray we may be true daughters of hers and live our vocation as she would desire, to be pleasing to God and humble servants of His Church.

From the Carmelite Proper of the Liturgy of the Hours Carmelites pray these meaningful intercessions at Morning Prayer today. Please join us in praying:

The Lord of glory, Crown of all the Saints, gives us the joy of honoring our Mother, Saint Teresa. Let us praise him, saying:
Glory to you, Lord!
Source of life and holiness, in your saints you show us the infinite marvels of your grace;
— in company with Saint Teresa may we sing of your mercies forever.
You want your love to blaze like fire throughout the world;
— with Saint Teresa, make us zealous in spreading your charity.
You make friends of your saints, and reveal to them the mysteries of your heart;
— bind us to yourself in friendship so close that we may taste the secrets of your love, proclaim your wonders, and draw others to you.
You pronounced blessed the pure of heart, and promised that they should see you;
— purify our sight, so that we may see you in everyone and be faithful to you in all things.
You resist the proud and give wisdom to little ones;
— make us humble of heart, so that we may receive your wisdom for the sake of the whole Church.
by your Spirit you raised up
our Mother Saint Teresa of Jesus
to show your Church the way to perfection.
May her inspired teaching
awaken in us a longing for true holiness.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.

Listen here to a conference given by Abbot Justin Brown, OSB on St. Teresa's "favorite" scripture passage, the Samaritan Woman. Abbot is giving retreat to us and blessed us with a beautiful homily and celebration of holy Mass on this solemnity of our patron and founder. He is also inspiring us with retreat conferences on being disciples of Christ.

May St. Teresa intercede for you and may the Holy Spirit inflame your heart as you listen to these beautiful words:

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