Easter Octave

Blessed Easter!

Today is the third day of the Easter Octave, the day in our liturgy when Mary Magdalene sees the risen Lord, her beloved Savior, her Life, her “Rabboni”.  This morning I greeted our own Sister Magdalene with a hug and told her it was a special day for her.  With her sparkling eyes and radiant smile she shared with me something she had heard in the past about the experience of hearing one’s own name being called.  She said, as a sort of exercise, to pay attention next time to your body when you hear your name called.  See how it affects you and where.  She was thinking of the intense feeling Mary Magdalene must have felt when she heard Jesus say, “Mary”, while recognizing Who it was calling to her.

Let us listen in stillness to our name being called by the Risen Lord this week.



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      So Sorry, Lydia, that we just saw your comment. I hope you found out we had mass here this morning at 7:30 a.m. Happy Easter!!

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