Lenten Retreat with Edith Stein

Yes, you can participate in a Lenten retreat even without leaving your home. Of course you know that by now, with modern technology and the internet.

We want to pass along to you a retreat offer we received from the Carmelite Friars of Paris and Austria. It is called “Paschal Journey with Edith Stein, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.” The participation comes through weekly email reflections written by Fr. Philippe Hugele, OCD of Paris and translated by Joanne Brydson, OCDS of Canada. We have not participated before, but some of our sisters will try it out this time, so we cannot tell you much more than that. But it is FREE and available for our spiritual enrichment, and there is nothing to lose (lots to gain, most likely)!

Here is the link: Lenten Retreat with Edith Stein

Let us see what our great Carmelite saint can show us as we journey through Lent. Come, Holy Spirit!

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  1. Bless you for making this spritual exercise available to everyone, and not just to those who “can pay”… th Faithful from the Third World is certainly appreciative of this. i look forward to receiving the weekly materials through email.

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