Jesus, Lord of the Storm

“Peace! Be still!”

In Mark 4:39 it says, “… when Jesus rebuked the storm He said, “Peace! Be still!” We sisters are among thousands and thousands of people praying for our brothers and sisters in Houston and other areas effected by Hurricane Harvey.  Jesus, Lord of the Storm, please calm the storm now.

Please join now in praying with us this short prayer:

Lord, You taught the disciples in the boat that faith can be effective in the face of storms. With so many on the Gulf Coast threatened by Hurricane Harvey, we dare to stand in faith and speak peace to these winds. We cry out for supernatural intervention and for the preservation of life on behalf of those in the storm’s path.

–Matt Lockett, executive director of Justice House of Prayer DC, Washington, D.C.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m glad to have found this prayer. Thank you for sharing Sisters; I know that many are benefiting from your prayers.

    1. Post

      Sorry to just be getting back to you. We just returned from a week long meeting in CA! Yes, the source is “Peace Be Still” by Arnold Friberg. God bless you!

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