First Sunday of Advent

Blessed Advent to all of you! This is a favorite time of the liturgical year for so many people who live close to the heartbeat of our holy Mother the Church. Many religious and priests will say it is their favorite.

As we ponder the riches of the daily readings and drink in the traditions that set this time apart from the hustle and bustle of commercial chaos, perhaps we will see more and more why Advent draws us into silent mystery and joy ...

PSALMODY--- Sunday Evening Prayer I, First Sunday of Advent

Antiphon 1
Proclaim the good news among the nations: Our God will come to save us.

Antiphon 2
Know that the Lord is coming and with him all his saints; that day will dawn with a wonderful light, alleluia.

Antiphon 3
The Lord will come with mighty power; all mortal eyes shall see him.

Thanks to our dear friend Paul Vogler we have beautiful music and a beautiful Advent wreath. We are also grateful for our enthusiastic chaplain Fr. Tom Marks for his thought-provoking homilies and strong singing voice.

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  1. J. M. + J. T.

    Happy Advent to you all as well! It truly is a time when the Lord showers great riches upon the Church as She awaits, joyfully, His second coming. The antiphons you posted have so much beauty!!! Thank you for sharing; certainly gives us something to reflect on.

    May the Holy Family bless you!

    1. J.M.+J.T.

      I totally agree with Miss Bornhoft that the antiphons for the first Sunday of Advent are quite beautiful. But wait for the “O” antiphons!!! Ahhh, those are beyond beautiful. A happy and blessed Advent to all!

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