Clothed in the Carmelite Habit

On September 8th, 2020 the Feast of the Birth of Mary, postulant Marisa Butler was received into the religious life and clothed her in the habit of our Lady of Mount Carmel. She received a new name and title: Sister Josefina Rose of Jesus (after St. Joseph, Mary Mystical Rose, and JESUS!).

How grateful we are and how grateful she is to accept this blessing in her life! May she persevere in the calling God has put upon her to be His spouse as a cloistered Carmelite nun, giving her life in total self-surrender and interceding on behalf of the world. Please continue to pray for her as she begins the journey up Mt. Carmel!

We hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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  1. Sister Josefina Rose of Jesus may God guide and bless you in the path you chose. Saint Joseph is my favorite saint and he also was my saint in conformation i chose he has always been my go to saint I will ask him in prayer to be with you. God and Saint Joseph bless the Little Rock Carmel 🌹 🥀 JMJ 🙏🌹

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