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Hello, all! In case you didn’t know, we have a YouTube channel. In working with the website you learn all different kinds of things, and one of them is if you want to put one of your own videos on your blog, or elsewhere on the website, you pretty much have to first put it on YouTube or some other video site. That’s because the file is so large and it takes up so much space from your website’s storage, that there wouldn’t be enough room, or it would take too long for viewers to open, and other reasons I don’t know about and/or would understand if I did know.

We aren’t advertising this–why would we? we aren’t selling anything or in any competition. Just letting you know if you care to see all the goofy and meaningful little homemade videos we’ve done so far. 41 and counting! Mostly they are snippets of little creatures of God, or the beauty of nature. Some are about our daily life and special events in our monastery.

The link is here: To see the page with rest of the 41 videos click on the tab “videos” next to the “home” tab.

We’ve also finally been able to fix this power point presentation of Carmel’s history and our Carmel here in Little Rock. Now the sound and slides transition together as they are supposed to, which cut down the play time from 22 minutes to 14!

God bless you all.

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