The Nuns Got a New Coffee Pot

Way back in the year 2015 during the nuns' "silent" Pentecost retreat we tried out our new coffee machine at breakfast.

Anyone who has spent some time in a convent or monastery will understand how important coffee is to most religious men and women in convents and monasteries. Aside from the Tabernacle in chapel it may be the most valued spot in the house  (See the end of this post for some favorable news for coffee drinkers)!

Another thing to "note" about this new coffee pot thriller is just that: the NOTES that endlessly appear in a silent monastery of nuns who need to know -just- -exactly- -how- -to use this new appliance--without breaking it. As you can see below, plenty of instructions on how to use it was provided for the nuns' study and reflection ...

If you haven't heard it before, sometimes in the cloister we can get pretty excited about anything new or different that comes our way. Below is another one of our very homemade, unprofessional little videos that we had made before this blog was created, so we thought we'd pull it out for a little fun during these cold winter months. It might be a little slow compared to the fast-paced action-packed thrillers you can watch on YouTube and elsewhere, but with it we offer you some of the simplicity of our life here in Carmel.

We hope you enjoy it (who wouldn't enjoy the adorable smile and laugh of Sr. Mary Alice?)

Amen. God bless us, everyone!

Here's the news I mentioned earlier. Just so you know, I rarely click on the Google icon on their homepage, but I had to see who was this Ferdinand guy with the coffee cup and fun hair (since I had just drank a stiff cup myself):

Go here

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  1. Lord grant me patience for my prayers to be answered
    Lord give me patience for a hot cup of coffee
    a couple of suggested prayer for my dear nuns lol 😆

    1. Post

      Lord, give John the patience he needs for you to answer his prayers, and give us ALL the patience to wait for a good, hot cup of coffee! Amen.

  2. J.M.+J.T.

    I am sure it makes a wonderful cup of coffee; however, I’ll stick with my trusty French press. Your coffee maker looks daunting. I don’t think I could handle it at 5:30 A..M. I was expecting it to bite Sr. Mary Alice or at the very least hiss and/or rattle at her. However, to paraphrase Omar Khayyam:

    Whether your coffee maker
    or my French press;
    Whether whole bean coffee
    Or coffee ground,
    The drops of dark ambrosia keep us awake;
    The drops of that longed for concoction
    keep oozing drop by drop.

    A blessed Lent dear Sisters

    1. Post

      I love your quote, Raul. And your dry humor, as usual. Good to hear from you, and thank you for the comment! Next thing I’d love to have is an espresso percolator thing. Then it would be quicker to wake up. God bless you always.

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