Making Muscadine Jelly

Sr. Anu Maria found some Muscadine bushes down by the creek in our acreage and has been faithfully plucking them for some time.  Now take a look at the results of her labor!  Sr. Lucia found a recipe for jelly, bought some mason jars, and went to work with Sr. Anu Maria.

The end product is pretty sweet, and delicious!  A good way to balance out the jalapeno sauce they made recently. I’d take sweet over HOT any day!


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P.S. – Don’t miss this live footage of the event … nuns having fun?


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  1. Those pictures took me instantly back to my childhood! My late father loved muscadines, and on his daily walks he was always on the lookout for where they might be growing. My mother and my Grandmother used to make muscadine jelly for him. So familiar, and such sweet memories! Thank you for posting this!
    P.S.;Muscadine jelly makes the BEST jelly cookies!

    1. Post

      Katherine, thank you for sharing. How nice to hear it brought happy memories. Maybe next year we’ll try the jelly cookies. God bless you and thank you for “tuning in”!

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