Fall: Are We There Yet?

Is Fall finally here? If you live in Arkansas or thereabouts you know what it is like to have to cover your Impatiens every afternoon to keep the hot sun from scorching them– even in October!–while “impatiently” awaiting a cool break in the weather. Our bright orange Cosmos are just about dried up, at least the ones planted early. Although Fall colors have not yet begun here in central Arkansas, last night the temps went down to the high 40’s, and may be tonight, also! Perhaps Autumn is upon us, and we are ready!

Yes, it’s been too long since you’ve seen a new post from us. So sorry to not have something up for our Holy Mother St. Teresa’s feast day, but time is not our own in religious life, and sometimes in other walks of life, too. Other priorities often must come first. We did have a most beautiful celebration, though, at Mass and throughout the day here in the Carmel named after her, Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus. We prayed for all of you and for our novena petitions, and hope the graces you received helped you and blessed you abundantly!

On a more serious note, we have been keeping up with the news during the recent FIRES in California. And our prayers have been really going up (no pun) for them. Our sorrow for the loss of lives and homes, etc. is heartfelt and we share in the shock with the rest of the US that it has been so catastrophic. Have mercy on us, O Lord.

As usual, enjoy some recent moments here in “these parts” at the end of 32nd Street:

Goodbye, Cosmos.

Hello, Mums!

Smile for the camera, little one.


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  1. Aw! So beautiful!!! I’m glad you all had a wonderful solemnity and joyful festivities; I was very blessed in being able to attend the Mass on St. Teresa’s feast day and I’m so happy to have participated in a small bit of the community’s joy and celebrations. Thank you Sisters, it was truly an amazing day!

    It seems that the weather is FINALLY cooling down, which is a great relief for us all. I hope you all get to enjoy the cool weather and the beauty it brings.

    May the Holy Family bless, protect and shower graces upon you all!! Know that I am praying for all of you everyday.

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      So glad you were there, too, Theresa. It was beautiful especially with Paul playing organ like we were the archdiocesan cathedral! And Fr. Tom did a good job with the homily, too. I was busy that morning making homemade bookmarks for all the sisters for a gift, and then there’s the COOKING and cleaning up in the kitchen. Oh, and eating, too. My prayers are with you!

  2. Is there any way you could e-mail me that beautiful squash, or perhaps freeze one and send it to me? It is perfect for my squash/pumpkin mousse I usually make for Thanksgiving!!! And how I wish temperatures here in Miami would go down to the 40’s! Today is October 19 and the temperature outside is in the 90’s. We had a “cold front” pass through a couple of days ago… it actually went down to 78 degrees! Could you possibly e-mail me some of that weather as well? 🙂

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      Yikes. Why don’t you move back to AR, or a cooler place? I wish I could send you some (squash) because we have four shelves of it and will soon give some away. Plus there is still more on the ground! We’re having it for dinner again tomorrow. Wishing the cooler weather will blow over to you … God bless you, Raul!

      1. J.M.+J.T.
        All Carmelite Souls

        Dear Sister Blogger,

        I am truly crushed that you cannot send me those beautiful butternut squash! But I guess technology has not advanced to the point of being able to e-mail them. So, I guess I am going to have to change the menu for Thanksgiving and make my tomato basil bisque instead of the butternut squash soup, along with stuffed Cornish hens (we don’t do turkey, especially now that there are only two of us in the house; my mom and I, my Dad having passed away 8 months ago–please say a prayer for the repose of his soul). As a side dish, I am planning to make a casserole of green beans au gratin, and for dessert, Bosc pears poached in red wine and ruby port with mascarpone cheese filling with shaved dark chocolate as a garnish. Are you salivating? I could move back to Little Rock and become the comunity’s chef. I could live in the extern quarters. : (Just kidding). Summer seems to linger here in Miami. The temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. We did, however, have a “cold front”, and the temperature went down to 70, which for us is tantamount to a snowfall!!! That day, I went to Publix Supermarket to buy some staples I needed for dinner and encountered people with scarves, hats and heavy coats… and I am not exaggerating. I was silently chuckling. Having gone to graduate school at the University of Illinois for my M.A. in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, I kept telling myself these people don’t know what cold is!! My last year in Champaign-Urbana (1977), we had snow on the ground until early May. My office in the Foreign Language Building was about 10 blocks from my apartment and during the coldest months, I ice skated to my office, since only the major thoroughfares were cleared of snow, but the side streets kept getting snowfall after snowfall finally forming a thick enough layer of ice for people to ice skate.

        As we commemorate and pray for the souls of our fellow Carmelites, I remember so many of them that were part of my life and from whom I learned so many things that have made me the person I am today. I often wonder “did I ever leave Marylake?” And the answer is a resounding “NOT”. Not that I live in the past, but in spirit, I am still there. Guess you can take the man out of Carmel but you can’t take Carmel out of the man.

        Once again, my love and prayers to Srs. Jean, Ann, Camilla, and Bernadette. You are in my daily prayers, and I ask a place in yours. And a blessed and happy Thanksgiving to all.


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          Hello, Raul. Thank you for your entertaining and interesting words. Yes, I’m sure we could fit you in here as a cook (we’d have to call you that instead of chef–chef sounds kind of fancy for Carmel)! Can’t imagine being in such hot weather for Thanksgiving. We’ll pray for you and your mother, and Ill give greetings to our sisters for you. God’s greatest blessings be with you. Amen.

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