Building a New Dock

Give success to the work of our hands, O Lord!

Psalm 90:17

As a gift for her solemn profession last November Sr. Anu Maria's parents donated money for she and Sr. Lucia to build a new little dock at our pond. The results are very impressive! Sr. Anu Maria has been learning the carpentry trade from Sr. Lucia who has become pretty proficient in it over the past years helped by a background in architecture (you can see a write up about her in the Arkansas Catholic).

So, back to Sr. Anu Maria's bench-dock (that's what I've decided to call it, anyway). Now that there is a little time in between big events here at home, we are finally posting things that happened months ago--or longer (coffee machine from 2015)!  Sr. Anu Maria can be proud of the work she accomplished with as little help from Sr. Lucia as possible. Well, let's just say they make a great team!

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