Good Friday

The pictures were taken from the book The Life of the Madonna in...
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Holy Triduum Schedule

Please note the schedule for upcoming services here at our monastery chapel. We hope...
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Diocesan Vocations Retreat

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about...
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Olympic Snow Bowling Competition

The time has come to reveal some hidden talents of the sisters...
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Lent: Farewell to Alleluia

To our dear friends, Alas … the beginning of Lent. Blessed Ash...
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Seasonal Customs, Part III

Dear one and all, If you will bear with us just a...
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Mass Schedule

For our daily mass goers please note the upcoming dates with no public...
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Christmas Mass Schedule

We hope to see you here!
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First Sunday of Advent

Blessed Advent to all of you! This is a favorite time of...
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A Visit from China

During the Novena to St. Teresa of Jesus we were blessed to...
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